It is critical that we all be reminded of the GYM/FACILITIES rules for North Babylon School District and that we follow them STRICTLY:


  • There is to be no entry into any North Babylon school BEFORE the scheduled start time for practices or games.
  • Children MUST be supervised at ALL times.
  • There should be no running/wandering in hallways.
  • All GYMS must be returned back to the state they were found in prior to your arrival and it is the responsibility of coaches, parents and children to clean up after yourselves.  
  • Remove all trash from the gyms before leaving.
  • There is no fighting or rough playing on school property when NBAC Basketball activities are taking place.
  • There should be no cursing or disrespectful language used.
  • Respect, kindness and common courtesy for one another should be evident at ALL TIMES.